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The 10 Best Blockchain Programming Courses on Udemy

These blockchain programming courses from Udemy will give you a thorough, engaging education in blockchain programming, all on your own schedule.

Photo by Kevin Ku from Pexels

From the basics of blockchain to the highest level blockchain applications, Udemy offers courses online that will help you achieve your goals, whether that goal is simply understanding blockchain as it pertains to you or to build blockchain technologies of your own. Whether you want to take one course to boost your knowledge or dive into the full range of course offerings, Udemy's blockchain programming courses will get you the information you need.

Blockchain Programming Using Javascript

This Javascript-based blockchain programming course will walk you through everything you need to know to build your own blockchain from scratch using Javascript, ExpressJS, and Node, and is noted as one of the best online courses to learn blockchain programming. You will need some background knowledge in software development and Javascript programming, but otherwise this course will give you everything you need to know from beginning to end in order to construct your own blockchain technologies from scratch. You should have no worries as to what background knowledge you need to successfully program your own blockchain either, as Udemy will have a course for as well. In just over three hours, you'll be fully on your way to your own personalized blockchain programming.

Blcokchain A to Z

For the would-be blockchain programmer, Blockchain A-Z has absolutely everything you need. It's designed for the beginner, and thus includes everything you need to know from the basics to the more complex concepts. It doesn't just walk you through programming basics—it will also give you crucial background in the theory behind blockchain, Bitcoin, and smart contracts, as well as how to create them. It might be possible to follow step-by-step directions and create some Blockchain elements without really understanding the theory behind it, but to have a real grasp of the subject, Blockchain programming courses will give you all the background you need to succeed.

Code with Ethereum & Solidity

Dive into creating your own blockchain-based apps with these blockchain programming courses on Ethereum blockchain application development. You'll first learn why Ethereum developers use Ethereum for their apps, and exactly what these skills will enable you to do. Then, you'll learn all about smart contracts, and finally how to actually create your own blockchain-based applications. In one bundle, you get almost 24 hours of valuable information from just the one Udemy course, broken up into easily digestible courses for you to absorb on your own schedule. With this much sheer information, just this one course will provide you with everything you need to know to begin creating your own decentralized applications with blockchain technologies.

Solidity Fundamentals

The great thing about this blockchain programming course is that you can come to it with very limited knowledge—all you really need is a basic understanding of programming, in any language you're comfortable with. This course will teach you all the basics of Solidity programming in under an hour, perfect for a quick afternoon boost in your blockchain knowledge. You'll learn what Solidity is, what it does, and how to use it to your benefit in blockchain development, so you can get to creating Ethereum smart contracts in Solidity.

Blockchain Programming in iOS Using Swift

Another great blockchain programming course from Udemy that runs about 3 hours is this iOS programming course using Swift. Unfortunately, you do need a basic knowledge of the Swift programming language prior to going into this course, but you can always learn that from Udemy as well. Once you have this basic understanding, this course will give you everything you need to know to program iOS applications with blockchain technology. It's oriented towards the relative beginner, so as long as you understand a bit of Swift, you'll be able to tackle this course and come out able to program your own iOS application in a heartbeat.

Build a Blockchain and a Cryptocurrency from Scratch

You can start from scratch and come out with your own blockchain and cryptocurrency. This course will give you the background you need to understand the form and function of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and really understand how tokens of this type, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, work. It will show you everything you need to know about blockchain, cryptography, transaction, and mining—important concepts for any would-be blockchain programmer in a course including that is just over six hours. Although it is recommended that you come in with some basic programming knowledge, this course begins at the beginning, and therefore can be fairly easily absorbed by beginners and experts alike.

Developing and Deploying Applications on HTMLCOIN Blockchain

Once you know how to use the Solidity language to create blockchain applications, you can apply them to more niche purposes. One such purpose is the HTMLCOIN Blockchain. With this blockchain programming course, you'll learn how to use the HTMLCOIN platform to merge Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies. This knowledge will also give you a background in developing Ethereum smart contracts, a skill which can have a wide range of uses in real world projects for the learning blockchain developer. With only an hour and forty minutes of lessons, this is another quick rundown that will show you how to apply your newly learned knowledge to something productive quickly and pain-free.

Learn Blockchain by Building Your Own in JavaScript

You can develop your own decentralized network and learn the basics of codes and security when it comes to blockchain. This course will give you an understanding of some of the most significant benefits of blockchain technologies, and why they are as revolutionary as they are. This will show you some of the behind-the-scenes work that blockchain can do, giving you a better understanding of the technology and its uses, especially when it comes to security. Through this course, you'll build your own blockchain prototype, and learn skills that will help you further develop your ability to code and use blockchain for a range of purposes.

Build a Blockchain Game

For something both fun and practical, Udemy offers a blockchain programming course that walks you through designing your own game based on blockchain you can play. By framing the course through a fun, practical application (in both senses of the word), this course gives users a chance to learn in a way that is more hands-on and fun than simply absorbing information. By the end of this course, you'll have your very own blockchain game to show for your work, giving you a tangible result of your work and effort that's not only satisfying, but fun.

Bitcoin Slang

If you want to really get into the thick of blockchain programming courses, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency in general, you need to know the lingo. This course will help you apply your knowledge across a wider range of markets and discourses, and understand a bit more about the world of blockchain, and maybe even online cryptocurrency mining and trading courses so you can start earning from your learning, too. You'll learn what it means to be "holding," "mooning," and "shorting," among other commonly used slang terms in the world of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency.

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