First came Bitcoin, then came the blockchain; all about the myriad applications of blockchain technology and how decentralization is changing the world.

Salvador Lorenza year ago
Blockchain Influencers to Follow Right Now
In a world now filled with crypto influencers and a thought leader for all digital currencies on the market, it's become increasing obvious how this new form of monopoly will not only change the face ...
Salvador Lorenza year ago
Crypto Influencers to Follow Right Now
Last year was apparently the year of the cryptocurrency, as so many have begun to consider it, but in all actuality it was really just the year of the bitcoin in my opinion. With that being said, it's...
Brand-Name Businesses That Accept Bitcoin
Once upon a time, Bitcoin was known as a primarily criminal currency, and it was synonymous with the Dark Web. However, as time went on, the value of Bitcoin started to rise—and with it, the number of...