First came Bitcoin, then came the blockchain; all about the myriad applications of blockchain technology and how decentralization is changing the world.

Kevin Gardner2 months ago
Blockchain Technology and the Hiring Process
Blockchain is a technology that is quickly becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. While not all of us are using cryptocurrency, there are a fair number of individuals who are adopting this a...
Cynthia Madison3 months ago
Building an Online Platform for Cryptocurrency Exchange From Scratch
Building such a platform is now in the attention of many people, because of their potential profitability, and efficiency, in terms of managing them in the long run. A cryptocurrency online marketplac...
Sophia Patrick3 months ago
Electronic Health Record Using Bitcoin Technology
The data health interoperability is still a problem as of now in health professions and institutions. There has been a record of how to provide an open access to health data, the Blockchain technology...
Roland Barnes3 months ago
A Look at Amazon's Blockchain Service
We all know that Amazon has their hands in everything. You can buy just about anything you want from the titanous store inventory and you can get almost any service you need too if you're into Amazon ...
Matthew Evans4 months ago
Blockchain & Bitcoin
Blockchain and bitcoin. For the past 10 years, these words appeared on your social media feeds many times. For the past 10 years, still nobody really understands what bitcoin means... or that Blockcha...
Iggy Paulsen5 months ago
10 Companies Proving Blockchain Isn't Dead
Blockchain technology has been facing a serious roller coaster as far as interest, investment, and control goes. After the major Bitcoin boom and burst of 2017, people have started to flee the crypto ...
Ainsley Lawrence5 months ago
How Blockchain Technology Can Improve Healthcare
If you’ve been keeping up with banking, cryptocurrency, health tech, or major investments, then you may have heard of “blockchains.” But what is a blockchain, and how is it making its way into the hea...
Rowan Marley6 months ago
10 Cool Ways to Use Blockchain in School
I'm a firm believer that the best way to give kids an education is to show them things that spark their interest, then let them explore on their own accord. When it comes to things like art, sports, a...
Stefan Ateljevic6 months ago
What Lies in the Future for Blockchain? Experts Predict
Hundreds of millions of dollars are being poured into various blockchain investments around the world. Major companies such as IBM, JP Morgan, Spotify, and Eastman Kodak are already exploring various ...
Brett Tortorello6 months ago
10 Ways Learning About Blockchain Can Help You Out
I'm far from an investing guru. I've tried my hand at a slew of different investment opportunities, with a varying degree of success. Whether it's real estate, cannabis, or just acquiring dividends fr...
Nina Ritz6 months ago
5 Things Blockchain Will Impact in the Future
First conceptualized in 2008, blockchain quickly became the vehicle and core component of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Today, blockchain is viewed by many as the go-to solution for problems, sp...
Josh Firmin7 months ago
Blockchain and International Arbitration: Opportunities and Challenges
Is the law too slow for rapid technological development—such as blockchain—to ever reach its full potential?
Leila Parker8 months ago
Will Investing in Crypto Ever Be Safe?
With a current market cap of just over 200 billion USD, cryptocurrencies took the world by storm with a sharp surge in value across the board back in 2017. However, just like any other investment oppo...
Brad Gould8 months ago
Are We Becoming a Cashless Society?
Although cryptocurrency was first launched in the 1980s without success (and then again in the 1990s), it has become quite acceptable in recent years. Since that time, the digital world has exploded i...
Rowan Marley9 months ago
10 Signs Someone Doesn't Know Anything About Crypto
I remember going on a date with a guy who claimed to be a tech geek. He was one of those types who absolutely needed to feel like he was the smartest, most educated man in the room—even when it was cl...
How Cryptocurrency Can Help the Global Economy
Blockchain technology, for all its hype and attention, is just an accounting ledger that powers cryptocurrencies. At the center of blockchain technology is decentralized trust, and this is how cryptoc...
Riley Raul Reese10 months ago
Can the Crypto Market Ever Recover?
The crypto market was at a fever pitch in November of 2017. Everyone was talking up Bitcoin, asking which alt-coin would be the next to boom, and swearing that they would hold onto their Bitcoin until...