Behold the Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency; whether you're a skeptic or a bitcoin believer, get the lowdown on this controversial coin.

Hannah McSorley2 months ago
Is Bitcoin Losing Popularity?
As cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum (Ether), and Ripple (XRP), have made their way onto news broadcasts and into household discussions in recent years, they've seemed to be a grea...
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Amanda Fleites2 months ago
Are Bitcoin Bank Accounts Feasible?
Can you picture a future where you open your PNC app to check your checking account, but you do not have one because you decided to convert all your money to cryptocurrency? All you do instead is chec...
3 Best Bitcoin Trading Strategies: How to Trade Bitcoin Profitably
In 2017, a bullish cryptocurrency market led to an impressive $20,000 per Bitcoin, only for the consecutive bear market to bring down the price of Bitcoin to approximately $5,500 at the time of writin...
Kevin Gardner3 months ago
Bitcoin Is Being Used to Pay Employee Wages
Ever since the Bitcoin prices reached their highest last year, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding this technology. Furthermore, the number of people interested in learning more about the cryptoc...
Kevin 3 months ago
10 Things You Can Buy with Crypto
Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are becoming more popular over time. While most companies were originally very tentative about accepting cryptocurrencies, their success has led many companies to expe...
Kevin Gardner3 months ago
5 Smart Investments that Accept Cryptocurrency Payments
People are now using cryptocurrencies to make purchases from all over the world. It might be surprising to hear that you can use bitcoin to order a pizza, pay for your morning coffee, or for solar fin...
Alex Hughes4 months ago
The Curse of Coins
It’s easy to chuckle at Bitcoin HODLers, but they’re right on one point—namely, that a blockchain-based medium of exchange could fully undermine a national currency, and sometime soon. People would ne...
Kevin Gardner4 months ago
How and Why You Need to Get into Bitcoin Now
2017 was, in many ways, the year of Bitcoin. It was certainly the year in which the coin gained the most popularity, and in which the coin saw the most growth. Perhaps most importantly, it was also th...
Should You Invest in Cryptocurrencies?
Cryptocurrencies are the way of the future, say experts like billionaire Elon Musk. Musk and many others believe that secure digital currencies like Bitcoin offer real advantages over traditional fiat...
Roland Barnes4 months ago
10 Best Bitcoin Mining Rigs
Bitcoin mining was never easy, but it's definitely a lot harder now in 2019. While some are calling the current landscape a bear market, with the right hardware, you can still do some successful minin...
Iggy Paulsen5 months ago
Why You Need a Bitcoin Wallet When You Travel
Bitcoin wallets might be considered a "techie only" thing by many people, but I disagree. I'm an average person who just happens to be a fan of blockchain technology—and I see the amazing potential th...
Iggy Paulsen5 months ago
10 Best Bitcoin Apps of 2019
2009 was the year when Bitcoin first got released into the world. 10 years later, here we are. Bitcoin is still king of the crypto world and it helped usher in a wave of blockchain technology, unlike ...
Skunk Uzeki5 months ago
Why Bitcoin Works in Money Laundering
When Bitcoin first came out, it was the currency that was used primarily for drug purchases on Silk Road. It was a "criminal currency" that was used to hide wealth from the IRS, police, or really anyo...
Skunk Uzeki5 months ago
Is Bitcoin Anonymous?
I remember when my friends wanted to order some ecstasy off Silk Road. We were ravers, and we were also flat broke. It was also in 2012, back when the concept of buying anything off the Dark Web was p...
Rowan Marley5 months ago
How Silk Road Made Bitcoin a Legitimate Currency
To the casual observer, it's hard to believe that Bitcoin gained the success it now has. The idea of a digital currency, especially one that wasn't backed by the government, seemed ludicrous—if not ou...
Skunk Uzeki6 months ago
What You Need to Know About Bitcoin Debit Cards
Bitcoin debit cards—say it with me. Bitcoin. Debit. Cards. It almost sounds traitorous compared to the criminal-ish, anti-establishment roots of cryptocurrency, doesn't it? Well, yeah, considering wha...
Iggy Paulsen6 months ago
The 5 Best Ways to Convert Bitcoin to Cash
If there's one thing that keeps people from being willing to invest in cryptocurrency, it's the difficulty that comes with actually converting your digital currency into real currency once you decide ...