alt coins

Alt coins are defined by what they're not; explore this rapidly growing crypto category comprised of Bitcoin alternatives.

Rowan Marleya month ago
10 Cryptocurrency Scandals You Need to Know About
Cryptocurrency is often framed as one of the most fascinating fields in the tech world, and it is. It's a world where blockchain technology can do anything—including end world poverty, create a new fi...
Will Read4 months ago
How to Monetize Your Website with JSECOIN
Monetizing your website is not an easy task. Traditional ads are not what they used to be. You can barely make a buck or two per week and your readers may feel harassed by too much ads. The 21st centu...
Joshua Samuel Zook4 months ago
The Ultimate Guide for Investing in Cryptocurrency for Beginners
Are you ready to stop sitting on the sidelines and jump headfirst into the cryptocurrency arena? Doubling, tripling, and in some cases, enjoying over 1,000x increase in value is not unheard for smart ...
Reid Moore5 months ago
First Ever Real Estate Deal Closed Using Cryptocurrency
There's an apocryphal tale making the rounds on the web about a guy who, on a lark, bought a few hundred dollar's worth of Bitcoin in its early days and, after storing the digital info on a memory sti...
Riley Raul Reese7 months ago
How Do the Bitcoin vs Altcoins Returns Compare?
Investing is an act that is done for one primary reason: because we want to see returns. The return can be personal, such as wanting to see a business or a person succeed—or it can be financial, such ...
Cato Conroy7 months ago
Which Altcoin is Going to Boom in 2018?
If you want to invest in cryptocurrency, then chances are you probably feel like you might have missed the Bitcoin boat. (Mathematically, this is also probably true.) However, you shouldn't mourn all ...
Cato Conroy7 months ago
Reasons Why Litecoin Is Better Than Bitcoin
Bitcoin has been skyrocketing in price, and more people than ever before have started to have Bitcoin wallets as a result. But it's not exactly a sterling investment. Many experts believe that Bitcoin...