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greensael jen17 hours ago
Understanding What Initial Coin Offering Is
At the outset of the crypto boom, Bitcoin took over the industry. Until late last year (2018), cryptos accounted for the majority of the sector's market capitalization. Other elements, such as Ripple ...
Roland Barnes5 days ago
What Is Binance?
Binance should be on the radar of anyone who is interested in cryptocurrency and the digital asset ecosystem. Existing now as a juggernaut within this ecosystem, the company climbed the ladder of succ...
Altcoin Sidekick20 days ago
What Is Cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency stands poised to take over the world, yet so few truly understand what it is and how it functions. With some experts claiming that crypto possesses the power to become bigger than the i...
Amanda Fleites21 days ago
What Is Facebook's New Digital Currency Libra?
No longer are the days that people are asking, "Is Facebook coming out with a cryptocurrency?" On June 17, 2019, Facebook announced its newest product, exactly that (a cryptocurrency), which they are ...
Roland Barnesa month ago
A Guide to Smart Contracts
Smart contracts have been around in blockchain technology since as early as 1994, but what are they? What is blockchain? And why should you think about using them? Smart contracts work by taking the m...
Hannah McSorley2 months ago
Is Bitcoin Losing Popularity?
As cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum (Ether), and Ripple (XRP), have made their way onto news broadcasts and into household discussions in recent years, they've seemed to be a grea...
Kevin Gardner2 months ago
Blockchain Technology and the Hiring Process
Blockchain is a technology that is quickly becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. While not all of us are using cryptocurrency, there are a fair number of individuals who are adopting this a...
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