Salvador Lorenz

Thinking in nodes of progress, futurism, science, culture, and existence. I experience life in a number of ways, pertaining to mathematical concepts mixed with rich flavors of art.

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Reasons Why Ethereum Will Change the World
8 months ago
If you are into cryptocurrency or decentralized applications, you might already know that Ethereum will change the world. If you have no idea what those words I just wrote mean, an overview starting w...
Ways Blockchain Can Revolutionize Retail Marketing
a year ago
There are literally hundreds of amazing real-world examples of how blockchain is changing our world. While it may not be found at the top of the list, retail marketing itself is expanding through a mu...
Best Bitcoin Podcasts for Beginners
a year ago
Even for the pros, utilizing digital currency to the best of your abilities isn't as easy as it might seem, or even appear. Blockchain technologies might be the future of the financial and tech worlds...
5 Sectors Blockchain Is Disrupting That Are Not Cryptocurrency
a year ago
There's a vast plentitude of industries that blockchain will disrupt, (like real estate, investment strategies, and hell maybe even education), but how will this effect our lives? What kind of changes...
What Is BitPay?
a year ago
There is so much to know about cryptology and cryptocurrencies that all the info and contexts can get all get bogged down in a number of confusing, big words. Simply put, BitPay is nothing more than a...
How Blockchain Can Reduce Global Poverty
a year ago
Blockchain technology is a versatile piece of technological wonder not only capable of reducing poverty itself to historical connotations, but also permitting a wide berth of interesting and advancing...