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A Guide to Smart Contracts
7 days ago
Smart contracts have been around in blockchain technology since as early as 1994, but what are they? What is blockchain? And why should you think about using them? Smart contracts work by taking the m...
Is Facebook Coming out with a Cryptocurrency?
2 months ago
Even though Facebook is a social media platform with a massive amount of users, to the point that their sign-in functionality feels like it's available on just about every website you want to register...
A Look at Amazon's Blockchain Service
3 months ago
We all know that Amazon has their hands in everything. You can buy just about anything you want from the titanous store inventory and you can get almost any service you need too if you're into Amazon ...
10 Best Bitcoin Mining Rigs
3 months ago
Bitcoin mining was never easy, but it's definitely a lot harder now in 2019. While some are calling the current landscape a bear market, with the right hardware, you can still do some successful minin...
Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Make a Comeback During the Next Recession
7 months ago
There's nothing scarier than a healthy economy when it feels like it was just yesterday that we experienced the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Over the last year, many experts have...
10 Things Everyone Should Know About Blockchains
a year ago
Blockchain technology is set to transform the world just like the Internet did. People are getting rich, industries are changing fast, and you just want to know what's going on. But you don't even kno...