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Ossiana Tepfenhart is a writer based out of New Jersey. This is her work account. She loves gifts and tips, so if you like something, tip her!

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Is Steemit Legit?
5 months ago
Since their inception, cryptocurrencies have been and always will be a hot button topic. They are a new way of representing the concept of currency, and depending on which digital currencies you own, ...
Cryptokitties Is Taking Over Ethereum
6 months ago
When people think of blockchain technology, certain things come to mind. They think of buying Bitcoin, trading digital currency, cryptocurrency influencers, and maybe creating decentralized apps. Dece...
10 Worthless ICOs That Turned Out to Be Scams
10 months ago
How far would you go for money? Would you work day and night for it? Would you take a job you don’t like for it? Would you marry for it? Or, would you go so far as to scam others out of it to better y...
Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?
a year ago
If there's one thing that's nearly impossible to do these days, it's to remain anonymous. This is doubly true if you are someone who has managed to create an invention that has caused a massive tech r...
Celebrities Who Love Bitcoin
a year ago
If there's one good indicator that something is trendy, it's when Hollywood starts to adopt it. As far as investments go, Bitcoin definitely has become a trendy item in terms of traditional investing ...
Can You Get an Insured Bitcoin Wallet?
a year ago
If you listen to classic investors like Warren Buffett, Bitcoin is one of the most dangerous investments you can make. (Actually, he called it "rat poison.") Dangerous as it is, many people have becom...