Nick Paroni

Former radio DJ who loves The Ramones, podcasts and his tiny apartment in Brooklyn.

How to Know If You’re Investing in a Bad ICO
a year ago
Do you have any investments in ICOs or cryptocurrencies? If not, that's not so surprising simply because it can be difficult to know a good ICO from a bad ICO. There are a lot of reasons why most ICOs...
How To Mine Ethereum on Your Mac
a year ago
As we begin to slowly progress into a digital world, one of the biggest developments has been the evolution of cryptocurrency. When bitcoin arrived on the scene, it was met with both skepticism and hi...
What Is Upfiring, the File-Sharing Blockchain Platform?
a year ago
First of all, what is a blockchain network? Blockchain networks are designed for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin because of its ability to share files and exchange digital currency directly with inco...