Leila Parker

Newly graduated Industrial-Organizational Psychologist. I'm a cyclist who works, thinks and writes about workplace culture, behavior and self-motivation.

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Cryptocurrency
8 months ago
Is cryptocurrency the future go-to currency? Should you invest in some type of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Etheruem? What should one know about digital currency? These are the questions that fre...
Will Investing in Crypto Ever Be Safe?
8 months ago
With a current market cap of just over 200 billion USD, cryptocurrencies took the world by storm with a sharp surge in value across the board back in 2017. However, just like any other investment oppo...
10 Signs Blockchain Is Here to Stay
8 months ago
Last year saw the price of Bitcoin jump to $20,000, whilst this year it has been sitting at around $6,500. The question that is burning a hole in everyone's pocket, though, is whether blockchain is he...
10 Reasons Why ICOs Are a Bad Investment
9 months ago
ICOs have become hugely popular, and some have been extremely successful. From huge successes to massive failures, and a large number worthless ICOs that turned out to be scams, ICOs having been appea...