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Is Bitcoin Going to Fail?
19 days ago
Bitcoin revolutionized the way we view the world's economy when it was first introduced in 2009. Millions of forward-thinking people, including several high-profile celebrity investors, have purchased...
10 Reasons Companies Should Be Utilizing Tokens
23 days ago
The rapidly increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technology has inspired waves of startups and well-established companies to embrace the blockchain as the future of commerce....
Ways to Spend Bitcoin with Ease
a month ago
The cryptocurrency phenomenon has been—and continues to be—a site to behold. In particular, Bitcoin's high value remains astounding. The volatility of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has been a maj...
10 Richest Bitcoin Millionaires
a month ago
For a currency less than ten years old, Bitcoin has made remarkable strides in the world's economy. It's value has been volatile, but always high. At the time of writing this, the price of Bitcoin is ...
Why Do Governments Hate Bitcoin?
2 months ago
Whether or not you have tried your hand at owning or using Bitcoin, or whether you even know what cryptocurrencies actually are, the sheer amount of media buzz surrounding the crypto market is enough ...
Why Are So Many Young People Investing in Cryptocurrency?
2 months ago
The ancestors of cryptocurrency date back at least as far as 1982, when David Chaum founded the DigiCash company and invented "ecash." However, the modern era of decentralized cryptocurrency began in ...