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11 Dapps Every Crypto Fan Should Know About

You know about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other currencies, but check out these dapps every crypto fan should know about.

If you've invested in digital currency, congrats. You are one of the six percent of people who have jumped on the Bitcoin bus and started to see good returns for doing so. Most of us who have looked into blockchain technology love our blockchain portfolios—and that's great.

What many investors don't realize is that there's more to blockchain than just currency. Programmers are making entire apps based on blockchain coding. Software developers are calling these programs "dapps," and they are decentralized applications that do just about everything you could imagine.

Want to see what your investments have helped create? Take a look at these dapps every crypto fan should know about, download, and enjoy.

Axie Infinity

When you think of crypto, you usually think of digital assets that are pretty cut-and-dry. That's what makes Axie Infinity one of the coolest dapps every crypto fan should know about!

Axie Infinity is a game that's a lot like Minecraft mixed with Runescape. It has adorable graphics, lets you build your own world, and is just downright adorable. Believe it or not, it's built on Ethereum's base!


You already know about Wikipedia, the largest online encyclopedia in the world. The problem that many software developers see with Wikipedia is that it's a centralized application. It can get taken down!

Everipedia is one of the newst dapps to hit the scene, and it's a decentralized version of Wikipedia. It's dedicated to offering a newfound freedom of information that everyone can access. This dapp was made off EOS protocol, if you're curious.

PRA CandyBox

PRA CandyBox is a really neat take on token distribution apps, which is why it's one of the hottest dapps every crypto fan should know about. The way CandyBox works is simple: It pretty much multiplies how many EPRA tokens you have.

You get to redeem tokens every four hours. If you deposit more, you get more. It works with plenty of different wallet apps, and is fronted by Chinese company ProChain on the EOS protocol.


Do you ever get worried about the safety of your online payments? Did you ever wish they were just a little bit safer? You might want to check out Ink, a specialty dapp that is made to turn P2P marketplaces into a safer place to do business.

This is one of the better dapps every crypto fan should know about if they want to start spending digital currency online. They even have a Coinbase Wallet add-on; which, as you probably already know, is a crucial cryptocurrency resource you need for investing!


If you are a fan of cryptocurrency mining, I sincerely hope you've already heard of Steemit. Steemit is a social media site that pays you in cryptocurrency for the content that you make—and technically, it's a dapp that has dapp add-ons you can use.

Steemit is a great place to go if you want to mine cryptocurrency but don't quite have typical tech knowledge or hardware to do so.


While a lot of the dapps that you'll read about have one specific purpose like gaming or payment, Status is a little bit harder to nail down. This dapp is just an all-around good dapp for people who want to enjoy the cryptosphere to have.

Status, like Ink, has a secure way to send digital currency (Ethereum, specifically) via the app. It also has a chat client, a feature called Incubate that can link you to funding, and an awesome educational platform.

If you're a budding software developer, or just want to get into the heart of the crypto world, then Status definitely ranks high as one of the smartest dapps every crypto fan should know about.


If you like Steemit, you're going to love the dapp add-on, eSteem. This add-on brings Steem mining to a brand new level by letting you add pictures,  find quality content, track followers, set up multiple accounts, and get better security on your account.

Anyone who is really serious about using Steemit should check out this add-on, especially if you're trying to work on becoming a major crypto influencer.


Augur is one of the coolest apps on the blockchain net right now, and it's also one of the most forward-thinking...literally!

This dapp is designed to help people predict future events and outcomes based on the votes a group makes. Once people nail predictions, you can make a market on it.

It's a prediction market maker that allows you to trade on anything from the chances of a weather emergency to a national election. The best way to describe it is like options trading for life.


Most people who love the internet adore cats, primarily because cats took over the net. CryptoKitties reminds you of the fact by creating one of the best experimental Ethereum-based apps that lets you raise your own cyber-kittens!

This app has already been wildly successful, with people spending a total of $24 million on their own cryptokittens. The Ethereum network even slowed down because of excessive play time. With faces as cute as the ones on the app, can you really blame them?

Ether Rangers

Not to be outdone by geeky games involving cats and dragons, the Ethereum world once again shows its gaming flex with Ether Rangers. This game, which is obviously built on the Ethereum platform, is all about adventures in outer space.

You get to choose your space ship, travel the cosmos, and also decorate your ship the way you see fit. Kind of makes you start to see the reasons why Ethereum will change the world, doesn't it?


Everyone loves seeing new ways to earn money and find new jobs—including netizens who are all about blockchain technology. Crypto fans who are low on money might want to check out CanWork, a dapp that's designed to help people find freelance workers around the globe.

The work you do is paid in cryptocurrency, so it may take a while for you to do all the exchanging. However, it's still the first of its kind and one of the most career-oriented dapps every crypto fan should know about.

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11 Dapps Every Crypto Fan Should Know About
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